Monday, April 17, 2006


The center of a pansy is about a quarter inch across. This digital photo is hand held. The depth of field using this technique is very shallow.

Crazy Knitting

This piece [these pieces?] will eventually be a cape. It started when I realized that I needed to do something with all of the swatches I had made trying to teach myself how to do double sided knitting. It has since taken on a life of its own.


Stained Glass for Falwell's Church


Have you seen the ACLU Freedom Files? They are being shown on Court TV but the ACLU also has the complete episodes online here. They are great programs on voting rights, gender rights, racial profiling, religious rights, etc. [You can knit while you watch to help sooth your anger.]

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Interior design

New floor upstairs

No War

I have taken this sign to New York and Washington for anti-war marches. I'll be going back to New York for the big rally on April 29th. I wish I could just frame it and hang it on the wall instead of continuing to march. It, of course, is called No War.

Spring Flowers

Spring has arrived in Connecticut: Daffodils with pansies.

Waiting for the bees: looking inside a daffodil.


This is a quilt that I made for Ron for cold winter nights of insomniac surfing. It covers him from nose to toes and is backed with Polar Fleece.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Reverse Applique

Inspired by Hmong, Gujarat, Hawaiian and Central American reverse applique, this piece is made of three layers of fabric with the design cut into the top and middle layers, revealing the dark spots from the back layer.

Watercolor Paintings

I've been doing a series of watercolor paintings over the past couple of years based on a 'doodle' style. Sometimes they seem to have been influenced by the tatoos of the South Seas, like the Maori. I painted Revolutionary Spirit last year. [Sorry about the reflections. I didn't unframe it to photograph it.]


Sometimes events in the news interfere with making 'pretty' pictures. Below is Three Iraqi Women.

Here is a watercolor collage called Flame Aloe.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Macro photography

Macro photography using a Canon Powershot G6 set up with a reversed 50mm lens attached with an adapter. For this technique, see M. Plonsky's site at

After the rain, a drop of water hangs on the honeysuckle vine:

The barbs of a bluejay feather:


I made this reversible blanket and cap for my grandson last fall. The scarf below is reversible as well.

I mostly knitted the scarf while on a trip to Chile last year. I found design ideas in the pottery and weavings at the National Museum in Santiago and other places along the way.